WHAT'S IN: innovation in emerging urban living environments


The 2018 QUAD was WHAT’S IN’s 7th year hosting the exhibit at Architecture Boston Expo (ABX).

This year the WHAT’S IN team collaborated with the New England Carpenters Union, Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, and East Coast interiors, to bring the 2400 SF exhibit to the convention floor. With over 500 SF of curated content created by the WHAT’S IN team, the exhibit focused on how the compact urban residential typology can be a solution to the North American housing shortage crisis. Further exploration was elaborated on how the typology can incorporate sustainable features to lower the carbon foot print. Additionally, the team examined how engaging underutilized sites throughout urban neighborhoods via a multitude of programs and ultimately computational prefabbed compact residential units can increase the housing density throughout the city.   

This year the QUAD hosted a panel discussion continuing the conversation on solutions to the housing problem. An expert panel filled with members in the construction, design, and policy fields discussed ways of lowering the construction and design cost, implementing new technology and materials, and how policy is evolving to adapt to denser more compact neighborhoods.

Aeron HodgesComment