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Community Summit Roundup!

On May 31st and June 7th professionals across various fields in community development, engagement, and design came together for a discussion on public spaces. The significance of the summits was to discuss current strengths and weaknesses in the urban fabric of Boston and develop solutions to create an optimized social living experience for the city’s residents. In each summit, attendees discussed historical and current trends and how they idealize the future of social spaces. They participated in an activity called “Meet the Neighbors”, where participants placed themselves in the shoes of various characters, such as a high strung single mom, a recent graduate, or a shy adolescent. The goal was to generate ideas about objects, locations, and technology that can facilitate interaction even amongst the most conflicting of personality types and economic backgrounds. This ideal future was then further developed by breaking off into small groups and designing prototypes that would help bring the city to this ideal future. We will be showcasing these prototypes at ABX and HUBweek, so be sure to check it out!

Aeron HodgesComment