Q: Is the $7,000.00 to construct the installation, or is that prize money?

A: The $7,000 award is meant to cover all costs associated with the design, construction, transportation, and attendance to the installation. If you are efficient with your funds, you can keep the rest as prize money.


Q: How long will I have access to the BCEC trade room floor to construct the installation?

A: You will have one full day before the exhibit opens on November 08, 2017.


Q: How will I get the materials to Boston?

A: You are responsible to get all of the materials to Boston on your own. This is included in the $7,000 award.


Q: Are housing/hotel accommodations included?

A: No, this is included in the $7,000 award. You are responsible to find you own accommodations. We can help out with recommendations that are near the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.


Q: Am I responsible to take down the installation?

A: Yes.


Q: Is there a place for me to store the materials between the time I arrive in Boston and access to the Convention Center is allowed?

A: Yes, we can coordinate storage before and after the show.


Q: What have the past installations cost? Can you give me an example budget

A: Between $3000 - $5000.


Q: I cannot make it to ABX, can someone else build it?

A: Sure, but you will need to coordinate this. We can give you some recommendations of who to contact for local fabricators.


Q: What size are is the graphic research boards?

A: You can design what size and shape they take, and we will coordinate the layout accordingly. We will also take care of the cost for printing. Take a look at the past installations for an idea of size and scale.